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This blog is my attempt to recreate every thought of a neurotic food-obsessed man falling down the stairs while shouting about NPR, reaching impact.

In other words, it's therapy for someone who can't afford therapy. It's selfish and self-centered and all about me, constructed to organize my demons and flaws so that I can destroy them or make friends with them, also Community Gifs and weird music.
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Bob Dylan,
Blonde On Blonde [Disc 1]


Bob Dylan - One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)

Blonde on Blonde, 1966.

I thought I was going to finally do something useful this week. Like leave the house and look for change under the city’s sofa. 

Then I started watching Masters of Sex. So I guess I’m going to do that instead. 

Now that I’ve been given the opportunity to live alone for the week, I’m starting to wonder if giving me exactly what I want, which is to live alone, is not particularly healthy. I’ve been very busy over the past two years, but I’m starting to think that’s just a subconscious response to knowing there are people at home. Now that that’s not the case, I’m a lot more hesitant to leave the house. 

When I was actually living with people, I almost felt more alone in public because no body knows me. Does that make sense? 

In any case, this is how I communicate with people from now on. My face is your screen. With words on it. 


From a Donkey Kong comic in Blip Magazine.

vivisick - we are not punk


Joey Ramone and his cat, New York City, 1978, by Caroline Coon


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Crowded House,
Crowded House


Crowded House - Don’t Dream It’s Over

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Wait, there hasn’t been a Harry Potter parody episode, has there?

It probably won’t happen. But it isn’t outside the realm of possibility! Weirder things have happened. 

They did a whole bit on Harmontown called “Who knows more about Harry Potter” or something like that between Dan Harmon and Jeff Davis because neither of them have read a word of the Harry Potter series. Jeff won. I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon. Why are you thinking about that?



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