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This blog is my attempt to recreate every thought of a neurotic food-obsessed man falling down the stairs while shouting about NPR, reaching impact.

In other words, it's therapy for someone who can't afford therapy. It's selfish and self-centered and all about me, constructed to organize my demons and flaws so that I can destroy them or make friends with them, also Community Gifs and weird music.
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SUPEREGO RETURNS! Episode 4:1 with Neko Case, Thomas Lennon, Colin Hanks, Timothy Omundson, and Michael Sherman.


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Next time you’re re-watching watching Mad Men, pause whenever Don is on screen. 9 times out of 10 you’ll get gold

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The Cure,
Boys Don't Cry

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Something in my apartment is beeping every five-ten minutes. 

I don’t know what it is. 

It’s not the smoke alarm/CO detector, so I’m not going to die. 

Every time I stand up to go find out what it is, the sounds seems to shift to a different part of the room. 

It’s kind of driving me a little nuts. But I’ve definitely been too lazy to commit to finding out what it is. 

There’s a metaphor here somewhere. 


I think I found the beeping. It took me all night for the beeping to start bothering me, almost two hours after it started bothering me to do anything about it, and the actual problem was a tiny thing that I solved by accident. 


TV Killers - babyboom motherfuckers

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The Raydios - compassionate adult

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