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This blog is my attempt to recreate every thought of a neurotic food-obsessed man falling down the stairs while shouting about NPR, reaching impact.

In other words, it's therapy for someone who can't afford therapy. It's selfish and self-centered and all about me, constructed to organize my demons and flaws so that I can destroy them or make friends with them, also Community Gifs and weird music.
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Crowded House


Crowded House - Don’t Dream It’s Over

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Wait, there hasn’t been a Harry Potter parody episode, has there?

It probably won’t happen. But it isn’t outside the realm of possibility! Weirder things have happened. 

They did a whole bit on Harmontown called “Who knows more about Harry Potter” or something like that between Dan Harmon and Jeff Davis because neither of them have read a word of the Harry Potter series. Jeff won. I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon. Why are you thinking about that?



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Newport Folk 2014 OEB Spotlight: Pokey Lafarge – “Central Time”


Pairs Well With…Carolina Chocolate Drops, Shovels & Rope, Brown Bird


Pokey Lafarge has found such a unique crack to grow out of, continuing to find something new in something old on his 2013 self-titled LP.  Traditional folk, blues and jazz are the baseline for this timely throwback in an age of digital wonder.  Lafarge is pristinely authentic – even the recording gives the aura of a ramshackle studio paid by the hour.  This is guaranteed to kill at Newport – a hip sound that will appeal to folk veterans and their grandkids.  Pokey Lafarge is smartly booked for the main Fort Stage, 12:25 Saturday afternoon.

2013 Review: Genuine and traditional authenticity can be hard to find with so many bands reaching towards the future to define a new sound.  For Pokey LaFarge, greatness is found in the past, which he commits to both in his persona and his music.  Drawing from country and Americana traditions from the early to mid-20th century, LaFarge sounds like a love letter from the past, a novel rather than a laptop.  This “all in” approach to his traditions has a great payoff for a SXSW crowd who respects history and good music.

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Yes, I feel as you say